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Thank you for coaching and instilling excellent work ethics in the younger generation.


- 3rd grade parent

I have learned a lot from the amazing coaches that are there and my skills are better than they were before. Coach O is nice , kind , and very humble. Her goal is to get us focused and ready.

- 6th grade student

My 9 year old participated in 3 local summer volleyball camps plus her weekly volleyball program. She reported that ACES Volleyball was the most beneficial. The coaches were more attentive, gave clear instruction, took a stepwise approach to breaking down skills and provided feedback and correction. Her words “they actually worked with me, they were always right there and helping me”. With ACES, I truly appreciate the coaches being present and engaged and actually teaching as opposed to just demonstrating. We’re so happy to have found ACES Volleyball School and look forward to more camps and their upcoming Volleyball school.

- Robert N.

My 13 year daughter attended one of ACES tryouts prep clinics this summer and I have to say I was very impressed. She has attended other volleyball camps in the past and we were both disappointed but ACES was totally different! I was so impressed with the skill level of the coaches and their enthusiasm and commitment to coaching these girls. You could tell they really wanted the girls to meet their true potential. My daughter had a fantastic time at ACES and our only regret is not signing up for the earlier summer camps and missing out on some high quality coaching throughout the summer. Lesson learned! If you want your girls to learn volleyball, there is no better program than ACES.

- M. Wilson

ACES was a good fit for all levels of girls' volleyball. Practice and refinement are crucial at this age, and the feedback received was well taken. Thank you, ACES, for a great experience!

- D. Dietlein

Thanks so much ACES Volleyball School, my niece said she learned so much and she’s already asking for more volleyball training! Thank you for making her feel so confident and bringing her out of her shell!

- Valerie Fabre-Williams

I met Ifoma at a kids running camp. She was great with the kids, had everything organized and kept us informed. It was great fun to be part of her camp.

- Annette M.

My granddaughter experience with ACES Volleyball School was great. The individual attention and timely feedback helped her to strengthen her skills. The detailed end of camp feedback was helpful in letting us know the areas she needs to improve. We are excited to share, she made her High School freshman volleyball team. Thank you ACES!!!

- Valerie Fabre-Williams

My daughter attended Ifoma volleyball camp this summer. She was highly recommended by a trusted friend and I understand why. She is energetic, positive and her main goal seems to be building confidence in the youth that she works with. She communicates with the parents very well so there is never a question as to what is going on. If you have any concerns, she will address them immediately. Her follow up after the camp was impressive and appreciated. I believe that she is passionate about fitness and helping young people meet their goals. We will continue to work with her.

- J. Chenier

My 7yr old approached me stating she wanted to play volleyball. Unfortunately, this occurred on the brink of COVID and opportunities were nonexistent. Coach O did such a phenomenal job with my daughter that I could now visualize my daughter’s potential in volleyball (a parents dream, right). Coach O not only brought the technical aspects of the sport but was able to build on my daughter’s confidence and joy of the sport in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. This has translated to dedication.  Coach O is her team coach. I love that Coach O is growing her program to offer her invaluable service to training and building our kids to be better players. 

- Fese N.

My 11yo was hesitant to try out volleyball, and wasn’t sure if this was the sport for her. After the first day of camp, she fell in love! It was a positive experience, and she is ready to explore more of her potential volleyball skills. Thanks ACES for hosting such a great summer camp!


- L. Ku

If you are looking for a detail oriented, skill based camp, these ladies conducted a 1st Class Camp. The campers were able to get one on one training and tons of reps. Coaches were very knowledge and did not allow excuses. Love that about this camp. Held campers accountable and taught situation volleyball as well as fundamental. Great experience!

- Elle’s Dad

Ifoma is not only a great coach but an even better mentor. With her help this year my daughter broke records her freshman year of high school. Ifoma’s ability to relate and effectively communicate with young athletes is one of her keys to her success. She has instilled confidence and pure determination in Amaya in such a short time period. I look forward to what lies ahead!

- Melinda C.

My daughter and I have known Ifoma for about 13 years and we have always enjoyed and benefited from the events she has sponsored. She has always focused on having the kids be active while having fun and learning the skills they need to excel. We have really enjoyed the kid runs and have signed up for summer volleyball camps. We would absolutely sign up and participate with her again.

- Raquelle L.

Ifoma was my personal trainer and I have known her for 10 years and in those years, she has always impressed me with her devotion to helping kids with their confidence through health and fitness. Ifoma’s extensive background in track and field really shows through when teaching children the different aspects of sports and she really cares about kids and wants to always see them reach their true potential. 

- Melanie W. 

My daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with Ifoma in different organizations over the years. She is passionate about what she does and her energy is infectious. My daughter not only improved in her sport, but she always left feeling positive and excited to come back. Working with Ifoma is a delight and I would recommend any program she puts her hands on!

- Melissa

I’ve known Ifoma for a few years and was very impressed with how well she ran the youth running program. She was encouraging, extremely organized and created a positive fun environment for the kids and the parents week after week. She is an excellent coach and truly a great role model. I would highly recommend her classes and clinics to athletes of all ages.

- Daisy

I have known Ifoma since our girls were together in elementary school. I have seen Ifoma's commitment to health and fitness over the years. She has coached my daughters in a Spring and Fall running program for 2 years and we have seen her professionalism there as well. She has always encouraged and cheered the children to do their best, at the same time asking them to stay hydrated and active. I am confident she will be a great coach and the students will have much to gain from her leadership and talent.

- M. K.

Ifoma has a gift with people and exercise. She is so easy to be with. I’ve seen her make friends wherever she goes. I feel anyone that gets to be in her life is lucky. I wish I had her when I was growing up! She has a great heart and will tell you like it is.

- Sharon

This is 3rd Volley Ball Training (students)! tried. First 2 she didn't like mainly because of the approach of the Coach. We learnt from a friend and gave a try and didn't ask her how it was and she didn't say much either, because I know she liked it else we would have known. This is like 4 or 5 renewal we did with Coach O and "student" has gained skills and we are happy for her to have liked this sport. Credit goes to Coach O and team.

- 7th grade (6 months student)

I like the fact that they are patient with the girls. And I like how they divide the girls up in groups of three. My daughter has learned a lot from Coach O and her staff.

- 5th grade (8 months student)

I have learned a lot from the amazing coaches that are there, and my skills are better than they were before. Coach O is nice , kind , and very humble. Her goal is to get us focused and ready.

- 6th grade (4 months student)

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