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Texas ACES Volleyball Club has teams for girls ages 10 - 15 years old.  TAVC is part of the Lone Star Region and governed by USA Volleyball. All teams compete in the Houston area tournaments, and travel to near tournaments.  TAVC u13 teams will travel out of state.

Club Volleyball Season is an opportunity for players to train and compete after the school season.  The 2022-2023 season was TAVC first year offering club teams.  Last season was our inaugural year and there were three teams: u11, u12 and u14. 

TAVC aims to develop our weekly volleyball school students to represent our club teams.  Weekly Volleyball School takes place at Missouri City Recreation Center as well as other facilities in the Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston area.


  • TAVC is committed to each player reaching their potential

  • Big club experience in small club setting

  • Budget friendly 

  • Timely communication  

  • Supports balance with players other activities 

  • Listens and open to feedback 

  • Every player is valuable 

  • Club director hands on

  • Accessibility to players and parents 

  • More than a club, but a FAMILY

  • Read more from our coaches...

Club tryouts

Club tryouts take place during the summer.  Initial tryouts take place late June.  All students who are registered for June Summer Volleyball School will have the opportunity to take part in the initial tryout. Students will take part in drills to determine their current skill level as well as how they hustle, coachability and work ethic and their ability to adapt, take instruction and execution.  Those that meet club expectations will be extended an invitation to the appropriate club team. 

second tryouts

u11/12 | Monday, August 19th, 5:30-7:30 

u13/u14 | Saturday, October 5th, 10:00-12:30

Or until positions are full

Location: Faith Lutheran Church, 800 Brooks Street

Cost: $35-$55


Club Teams

u11 | u12 | u13 | u14

(based on interest)



u11 + u12 | $2,495

u13 | $2,640

u14 | $2,700

u15 | $2,790


training times

u11 / u12

Mondays 5:15-7:00pm &

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm

u13 / u14 / u15

Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm &

Saturdays 9:00am-11:00am


Is my daughter ready for club?

Club is a competitive setting, players will be pushed and be willing work and play for teammates.  Weekly Volleyball is not competitive and is a place for her to build a foundation and decide if she wants more. 

How many tournaments do teams attend?

Tournaments will begin in December and teams play 8-9 tournaments which tournament are one weekend a month and two months teams will play in two tournaments.

Will the teams travel?

Yes, all teams will have the opportunity to travel nearby ie Austin/ San Antonio and u13 and up will travel out of state. Younger teams' out-of-state tournament is optional and will be determined based on teams' skill level and parent interest.

My child has not played volleyball.  Can she play club?

She is welcome to attend tryouts and her skill level will be assessed.  You may also view TAVC skill expectations for your daughter’s level to determine if she satisfies a sufficient number of expectations.

Will my daughter get playing time?

Playing time is based on individual skills, energy, coachability, effort, hustle, grit and determination.  It is our desire to allow everyone to play and excel.

Is additional practice offered?

ACES offers weekly volleyball. Club players my register for these training on days there is no club practice. There are occasional camps, clinics, small groups or privates' players. TAVC also arranges weekday  scrimmages with other local club teams.

What is covered in club cost?

Coaches' expenses related to club, practice facility rental, training equipment,  uniforms, Tournament entry fees.

What is NOT covered in club cost?

 Required membership (Lone Star and USAV), private instructions, ACES clinics or camps, travel to tournaments, meals, out of town accommodations, scorer training,  season, tournaments added to schedule after season starts and expenses related to an extended, team practices during off weeks 

what our coaches say about TAVC:

ACES Volleyball Coach, Coach Kirby

coach kirby, u13

"Texas ACES Volleyball Club  is more personable, one on one, and more like a family. More than any club I’ve been at. I feel like us as coaches not only care about teaching volleyball, but we care about our players & who they are as people."

ACES Volleyball Coach, Coach Bella

coach bella, u14

"TAVC builds athletes. Even if you don’t have the skills or confidence when you start, our program will instill discipline and help develop you into a better player all around. We take our players goals very seriously and do our best to help them achieve each one."

ACES Volleyball Coach, Coach K

"What sets TAVC apart is its holistic approach to player development, going beyond the court to instill values that extend into everyday life. The program's emphasis on personalized coaching ensures that each player receives tailored guidance, allowing them to reach their full potential. We value success in the growth and confidence in young athletes, creating a legacy of empowered individuals who excel both on and off the volleyball court. Joining this program isn't just about playing volleyball; it's about embracing a culture of excellence and camaraderie that sets the foundation for a lifetime of success."

coach k, u12

ACES Volleyball Coach, Coach Tori

coach tori, u11

"Texas ACES Volleyball Club (TAVC) was founded by a parent of a club player, we hold true to being a club that provides players and parents with spectacular experience which includes-intentional training to meet individual and team needs, thorough communication. Players learn the sport from coaches who have a true passion for the sport and have the experience of playing club, college and beyond. Parents receive frequent updates on how their player is progressing along with occasion sit ins on practice. TAVC’s coaches provide players with exciting ways to improve and engage in the game by providing productive feedback while challenging them in various ways on the court and off.

TAVC takes pride in providing players and parents with a ”big club, experience in a small club setting." Our goal is to retain players and grow with them as we establish our brand."

ACES Volleyball Coach, Coach Macy

coach macy, u12

"TAVC includes differentiated instruction for all players of all ages! It truly is a positive, encouraging, and growth mindset volleyball program!"

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