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What do our players love about ACES Club Volleyball?

Updated: Mar 22

We asked U13 players Brooklyn, Kaylee, Natalia and U14 players Makayla and Cailyn what they love about playing on the club teams for ACES Volleyball:

They responded that "the club was very welcoming, even some of us being beginners."

They also stated how they felt they have developed in such a short amount of time. They said:

"The coaches push us and encourage us to grow, not only as players and teammates, but as people!" 

Another question that was asked to the girls was how they thought they've grown through their seasons so far, skill wise. The girls stated they have more confidence in their skills and playing ability. They feel they have "learned how to be a leader, be more confident in themself, and not be afraid to mess up!" 

ACES Club Girl's Volleyball players coming in for a huddle
ACES Club Volleyball team huddle

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